What We Do

You may have tried a Brothers brand product from your local grocery store and want to let us know your thoughts. Or you’re trying to find one of our flavors and need an insider tip. Whatever it is, we love hearing from you and we’re always happy to help! 


Products by Brothers

Brothers manufactures, distributes and markets its own line of products, including Natural Choice, Crunchy Bon Bons, Absolute Fruit Sorbets, Paletitas, Rice Divine, Nutri Freeze, The Big Kahuna and many others. These branded products can be found in retail stores, restaurants, sporting arenas, airlines, schools, etc… These products can be found at retail outlets such as Costco, Giant Eagle, Whole Foods, Save Mart Super Markets, Fairway Market, and numerous other local grocers.  

Brothers has hundreds of products for various types of food service applications such as restaurants, restaurant chains, hotels, caterers, hospitals, cruise ships, airlines and others. We manufacture over 500 unique products and are constantly creating and developing new ideas. We pride ourselves on our customer service. Our entire staff is dedicated to ensuring that you and your customers are taken care of. 

Co-Packing/Private Label

Have a dessert concept and need it manufactured?
One of our core business verticals is working with creative entrepreneurs, developing their ideas and helping them bring it to market. We become their behind the scenes partner: produced by Brothers, developed by you. We work with some of the most successful retailers in the country along with dynamic entrepreneurs. Whether you’re a large or small company, we can’t wait to hear about your project.